Accountant Outsourcing

Outsource the accounting and legal department of your company.

Increase the productivity of your Company

Leasing software

Accounting Software Leasing Purchase a space to store the accounting information.

Avoid loss of information our servers store your data to consult in real time.

$20 USD/mth

Leasing software

$30 USD/mth

Storing accounting information in the cloud.

External Audit and Tax Review

Have your Accounting and administrative processes consistently audited, verify the aplication of your Companys controls.

Audit Process in Local Accounting Standards and International Standard of Assurance.

$1.200 USD/mth

External Audit or Tax Review

Tax Advices

Control your payments with government entities .

Efficiently manage compliance with your tax obligations, eliminate tax, tax and customs barrierswith with other countries

Legal services

A group of professionals in all branches of law will be willing to cooperate.

Legal Advice at the level: Commercial, International Commercial, Labor, Tax, Administrative